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Meet the Team
Old Fashioned service begins with an old guy. Wayne Gassman started working with his dad in the 50's. Wayne Gassman is the owner and service technician of Gassman Appliance. He started working in the industry with his father back in the 1950's when washers had wringers, refrigerators had to be defrosted, dryers were a luxury, dishwashers were the new thing, and telephones were on a party line. Having learned from early on, Wayne was encouraged by his friend, Dennis Bytwerk in Lansing, Michigan, to start his own business rather than work for him back in 1979. Wayne moved his family and business to Oregon in 1986.
Janet Gassman is the co-owner of the company. In addition to being the co-owner and wife of Wayne Gassman, Janet is a counselor and inspirational speaker. She is currently writing a book about soul struggle and intimacy with God. View her site at soulstruggle.com
Chris Stuart is the apprentice appliance repair technician.
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Wayne in Boring, OR - Gassman Appliance
Janet in Boring, OR - Gassman Appliance
Chris in Boring, OR - Gassman Appliance


1956, 1957 models:
These washers 'lived' in a nursing home near Louisville Ohio, and 'worked' 8 to 10 a day 7 days a week for about a year, with only wringer repairs (from wear & heavy use).

The "wash system":

1st washer: Wash Cycle

  • with hot water & homemade lye soap
  • agitate, then wring into next washer
2nd washer - Rinse Cycle

  • agitate, then wring into 'spinner'
  • ('spinner' is the old Bendix washer)
The Next Step:

  • Hang clothes on the line outside (in below freezing weather, the clothes 'freeze dry' stiff on the line)
Washers — Wash System in OR

Wringing cloth through the wringers

The People:

Lois Gassman
Willis Gassman

(Gassman Appliance - Paris, Ohio)

Parents of Wayne Gassman

(Gassman Appliance - Boring, Oregon)

The Pictures:

Circa 1980

Note: lower picture:
The 'rest of the story':
A Westinghouse dryer for nasty days

Speed Queen Automatic washer (which was passed down in the family) and retired in 2015 when a new AWN432 replaced it.
Wringers — Wash System in OR
Dryers — Wash System in OR